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    Browse our web site to search for clothes and accessories for your important events: using detailed filters in our catalogue, reading articles about the latest trends in our blog and consulting with our stylists.

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    Define your size using our size guide.

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    Choose up to 4 favorite pieces from our catalogue and order a free at-home try on. If you would like to add more items to your try-on order, contact our manager to find out about the conditions.

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    Once ordered the try on we will deliver selected pieces right to your door: be it your home, a hotel, an office or any other address of your preference.

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    Rent the pieces that suit you the most for the day of your event. We will deliver your rental items one day before the date of your event, for you to prepare the latest details and shine.

    For you to enjoy your Hauterent experience to the fullest, we give you an option to include hauterent insurance in your order.
    Pay an affordable fee and take it easy!

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    Feel like a star and stand out thanks to our exclusive offers. Whereas we normally cooperate with brands that have limited representation on Granada’s or even Spanish fashion market.

    Besides, we always try to make sure that similar items don’t end up at the same event.

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    Return the rented garments on time for us to bring them to dry cleaner’s without delays. Dry cleaner’s fee is included in your order.

    Standard rental period is of 4 working days, including the delivery and return dates. Rental period can be prorogated at minimal fees in case of availability of the required items on desired dates.

  • If you have any doubts or questions, look through FAQ and contact us!
Our main services

We deliver selected items to Granada and suburbs for try on and for your events during 24 hours after receiving your request. Would you like to order some items to other city in Spain? Contact us and we will discuss the options.

At home try on is free in case if you rent one of the items, delivered to try on. If you are not convinced, we will have to charge you 10 euros for the delivery.

Hauterent clients have a right to opt for security deposit or paying our insurance fee. Insurance fees vary from 3 to 20 euros, depending on the type of a selected item.

We take care of dry cleaner’s and don’t charge extra for length alterations. We have prepared special offers and gifts for the clients that take good care of rental items.

Hauterent items can be reserved up to 6 months in advance. If you change your mind or fall in love with a new item that appears on our site, having already reserved an item for rent, we can change your order without additional charges, if you have requested a change up to 2 weeks in advance and if the desired item is available.

Standard rental period is of 4 working days. Extensions of rental period are subject to confirmation. Individual terms and special offers may be applied.

If you are not convinced by the items, selected for try on, you feel lost and you are not sure about the types of clothes that suit you, you don’t have to settle! We want you to fall in love and feel confident! Send us your photo and your measurements and order an additional try on session with our stylist. They will find the best styles for you, considering your body shape, seasonal colour analysis, your personal style and fashion etiquette rules.

Our showroom on wheels is at your disposal just for 15 euros.

Our buyers look for exclusive designs by original Spanish and foreign brands.

Moreover, we try to eliminate the possibility of our clients crossing with other guests dressed similarly at the same event.

You can cancel or reschedule your order without additional charges, if you communicate the changes in your order 14 working days prior to the chosen date of delivery.

You will have an option of using this rental payment to reserve a new garment or recovering your money. In case of return, we will deduct try on delivery costs and other management expenses for payments made with credit cards and through Paypal.

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